quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2007

Crowned Eagles´s habitats in Rio Grande do Sul savanas at risk

Pristine savana habitats are now been covered with Eucapypto stands putting Crowned Eagles hunting grounds at risk

Galery forests in Ibirapuitã River in Rio Grande do Sul state

Crowned Eagles nests in large trees in galery forests like his in Ibirapuita River in Rio Grande do Sul State near the border beteween Brazil and Uruguay. Forests like this are becoming rare in south Brazil because land use. More recently a large project of reforestation of the open lands using Eucalypto stands puts in danger the remanining hunting habitats of crowned eagles.

Brazil have laws disigned to protect forested areas, but until now there is nothing aiming the conservation of open lands.

There is no information on the present status of Crowned Eagles in the savana of Rio Grande do Sul States. The present land management plans of Rio Grande do Sul favoring the reforestation of large areas with Pinus or Eucalipto stands puts Crowned Eagles at danger.